Made Better

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Transportation. Koch is essential to creating life’s basic necessities for people the world over. While relentlessly exploring ways to do it even better.

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Growing a Stronger Planet

As humans, our population is rapidly expanding. Our planet, however, is not. In a world where many already go hungry, we all have a very clear, very daunting challenge on our hands. Fortunately, we also have people like John Kruse.

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Abundant Food.
Clean Water.


By the year 2050, Earth will be home to 9 billion people. At Koch Industries, we’re innovating ways to help producers meet the increased demand for reliable supplies of delicious, nourishing food. And the potable water to wash it down.

Advanced Filtration

At Koch Membrane Systems, scientists like Manny Singh create the latest technology to filter surface and wastewater into clean drinking water for areas affected by drought.


At Flint Hills Resources, we produce ethanol from corn. One major byproduct is dried distillers grains, power-packed nutrition used to feed livestock all over the world.

Fertilizer 2.0

Koch Agronomic Services creates enhanced efficiency fertilizers that more precisely deliver nutrients to plants – optimizing yields while reducing nitrogen loss to the environment.

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Koch Industries - Environmental Protection Agency Award

Responsibility Thrives

For two years in a row, the Environmental Protection Agency has named Koch Industries the number one U.S.-based parent company in pollution prevention initiatives.
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