The agency has been representing the interests of the charterer(s) and the owners in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp & Ghent (ARA) for over 40 years. The agency guarantees efficient handling of the assignment and coordinates the entire cargo handling, including documents, property documents and customs clearance with different parties and stakeholders. The most important goals are reporting, keeping track of the stopping times and achieving the shortest possible stay of the ship in the harbour. Through many years of experience, extensive knowledge and good contacts in the harbour we can quickly respond to current changes, and solve problems swiftly and efficiently. Besides representing the interests of the charterer, the interests of the company are often observed through an “owners agency”. Think for instance of carrying out certain activities for the ship itself, such as crew changes, bunker coordination, repairs and inspections. The agency is AEO certified, which means that the agency is considered to be very reliable and safe within the total logistics chain by customs authorities. The agency provides a 24/7 service, and because the agency is part of Cargill BV, it is a very solid, financially strong and reliable partner in the harbour.