Operational Service

Within IGMAís operation, we are primarily responsible for the loading and unloading of the provided bulk materials. We do this with about 70 permanent employees working in the various teams within the production. We are also able to use a portion of flexible work forces within the various teams and shifts.

In the transhipment, you can think of ships, barges, trucks, goods wagons, in and out of the silo. This storage and handling is done with an array of modern and well maintained equipment. This consists of 4 lemniscate cranes: cranes 2, 3, 4, 5 and one top crane: crane 83 and one (electric) excavator, the Sennebogen 850. We are also equipped with a number of shore-based installations, including two Siwertells we can carry out this storage and handling with. The largest part of the products we tranship are weighed. To do this, we use several weighing towers which are supervised and are regularly inspected by the appropriate authority in the Netherlands. We accumulated an own weight training from the 50 years we have been doing weighted transhipping within our company. This weighing can take place during loading, storage of the product or during unloading.

IGMA has various types of earth-moving machines, including: shovels, bulldozers and excavators. The locations we operate in are at least on and around the permanent setup of the Vlothaven and near the permanent setup in the Amerikahaven for the purpose of supplying the Cargill Crush factories. Because our cranes and weighing towers float on the water, we have much flexibility in Amsterdamís harbour, at sea off the lock, in Ijmuiden or at the costumerís doorstep, if the water is deep enough for it.

Our current schedule runs from Monday 6:30 PM to Saturday 4:00 PM, and the costumer can request overtime, making a 24/7 possible. We have the following positions within the IGMA Operational shift: hold employee, driver and operator of the mentioned machinery, crane driver & weigher. Most employees within the operational shift can perform all positions, making them very versatile professionals. Most transhipped products are offered through the waterways within our country and by sea. It is also possible to offer storage and transhipment for the costumer by rail and by road. The costumerís interests are represented by several independent parties, such as SGS and Peterson. The independent parties take samples and monitor the process.

IGMA is proud of the various obtained certificates, and will do everything possible to preserve them. IGMA is regularly inspected by the competent authorities.