Above all, the IGMA is an agricultural bulk terminal where weighed goods are transhipped. Agricultural bulk with IGMA mainly consists of derivatives. Derivatives are bulk goods that emerge as by-products from other production processes. Think for instance of soybeans meal, citrus pulp pellets, sunflower seed meal pellets, etc. Other agricultural products that can be transhipped are grains and oil seeds. Examples of this are soy beans, sunflower seeds, corn, barley, etc. In addition to these agricultural products, we are also very capable of transhipping minerals.Minerals are delivered both in bulk cargo as in big bags and come from the East & Australia and South Afrika.

Mineral products are: Bauxite, barite and concentrates Mineral sand, magnesite, sodium carbonate Ilmenites, pig iron, iron ore, petroleum cokes and coke breeze and coal.