IGMA, a bulk terminal in Amsterdamís harbour, is active in the transhipment of bulk cargoís, varying from agricultural products to coal and minerals. IGMA has over 50 years of experience. Its trained professionals know how to handle bulk products and use the most advanced techniques and equipment to successfully transport loads from the shipís hold to barges, coasters and flat storage.

IGMA is mainly employed in the Vlothaven, Mercuriushaven and Amerikahaven

In the Vlothaven we have a berth (Coenhaven) for coasters and barges with a depth up to 9 metres.  In the Vlothaven and Mercuriushaven we discharge on buoys with our floating units A shore based installation (Sennebogen) is available in the Coenhaven with a capacity of 300 t/hr. In de Amerikahaven we have unloading possibillity for ships with a depth to 15 metres. A fixed shore-based installation (Sennebogen) is present with a capacity of 300t/hr.

The total transhipment capacity of the IGMA amounts to 30.000 MT per dag.

Berth for coasters and barges with a depth up to 9 m.

Berth for ships with a depth up to 15 m.

Shore installations
One mobile Sennebogen, 300 MT/uur (Coenhaven)
One fixed Sennebogen, 300 MT/uur (Amerikahaven)

Floating installations
One 40 MT, lemniscate crane with 1500 MT/hr weighing tower
Two 25 MT lemniscate cranes with 1250 MT/hr weighing towers
One 16 MT lemniscate crane with 500 MT/hr weighing tower

Flat storage Coenhaven (CST): 60.000 MT
Floating storage (DOP): 100.000 MT.